Sexuality Coaching

As human beings we are sexual and we desire sexual connection with our partners. We want to be desired and we want to feel sexy. We want to experience the energy and vitality we receive when we enjoy erotic connection with someone we are attracted to, and we want to feel the pleasure sex brings to us. We want to feel alive, attractive, sexy, passionate, bold, brave …. But at times we feel as if we cannot fully enjoy our experiences or that there is something missing. We might feel that we might not be able to reach the climax we so desire, our partner might not to know how to please us. We might not be sure we are desirable to our partner or we might be afraid that we are not living up to their standards and they might seek pleasure somewhere else. Sometimes we might be afraid of the initial reaction of our partner if we would choose to express our needs, or at times we do not even know how to talk about our desires. There are times when we might not even know what it is that we really want. We know what the society tells us what it is supposed to be. We know what the media and the magazines so eagerly make us believe what everyone else is having or how we should act in our boudoir to satisfy our partner. But this all is might make us feel that there is something missing or that there is something wrong with us because our sex life does not look like the cover of a magazine or the love scene in the movies. We know there is something more, something that we want, but somehow all the tips from Cosmopolitan do not work. Heck, at times they even backfire. We want more, but we often don’t even know how to talk about sex. Most of our parents would not talk about it, our friends advice does not seem to fit, or we might be afraid of the judgment and gossip.

This is where the sexuality coaching is coming in. I will provide you with a discrete and confidential space to come and talk about sex, fantasies, eroticism, desire, passion, anything. There are no taboos, judgment, or shame. And again – anything talked about will stay confidential.

You can come and openly explore what it is that you really desire, learn to and practice talking about sex, and perhaps discover how amazing you already are. As your coach I will listen to you, support you and help you to fully enjoy all of the aspects of your life, even the aspects between the sheets.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about sexuality coaching. Remember – there are no taboos and you are the only one who stands between what it is and what it could be.


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