Life Coaching Process


Coaching is helping people clarify what they want in their life and career, and then following through to achieve their desired goal. It is an experiential, results-oriented process that recognizes and honors each person’s uniqueness and needs.

1. Self-Exploration

As your Coach I will guide you through a thorough self-exploration process, drawing from over 100 dynamic questions and exercises. You’ll clarify the Elements of your ideal life and career — what you love to do; what your unique talents, gifts and skills are; what you value most in your life and work; and all the other factors that need to be taken into consideration. We can also add a spiritual perspective and explore your life purpose.

2. Options

You will take all the Elements that arose from the Self-Exploration process, brainstorm options with your coach, design possible careers and select those options you wish to explore further.

3. Research

As you coach I will guide you in effectively gathering information and making the contacts necessary to further clarify your direction.

4. Plan of Action

Using the information gathered from your research, you’ll develop a plan of action for achieving your long- and short-term goals.

5. Follow-Through for Results

Customized coaching is available to support you in staying on track and following through to your desired results.

6. Overcoming Obstacles to Success

During the process, your coach will help you work through any obstacles that get in the way of achieving career success and provide support and powerful tools for working through fears and other blocks.

The basic process generally takes 4 one-hour sessions, and many people continue coaching for continued support, guidance and encouragement in following through to their goals.


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