Individual Coaching

Individual life coaching sessions are conducted one-on-one on the telephone. At the initial session, the coach asks the client to share history, current goals, successes and challenges. Together the coach and the individual design a working alliance and set a schedule for regular meetings.
UACCT Coaching is built around the co-active model which is based on the understanding that the individual being coached is creative, resourceful and whole, and fully capable of setting his/her own goals and solving his/her problems. For each session, the client sets the agenda which includes a desire to change in one or more of the following areas:

  • Setting and/or achieving new goals
  • Improving performance
  • Adopting and using new practices and/or strategies
  • Establishing new habits and /or enjoying an improved quality of life

Whatever the need may be, the life coach is always available and honest. The coach “dances in the moment,” listens for words spoken and unspoken, and asks powerful questions for the purpose of deepening the client’s personal knowledge and empowering the individual to take new action.

Upon a request for coaching, a time is arranged for an introductory session by telephone. During this session, an alliance will be designed which will include the type of coaching desired (Life, Relationship, etc) and the time for the sessions. Coaching appointments are typically for one hour and are usually held weekly, but I have many different programs available for you to choose from. 

One hour sessions are $120, one-half hour sessions are $60 if paid as you go. If pre-paid the packages are $660 for six one hour sessions and $1200 for 12 one hour sessions.

Duration of Coaching
The length of time required in order for coaching to be effective depends upon individual need(s).  Research indicates that at least six to eight weeks are necessary for an individual to begin to make life changes, establish new routines, and form new habits. The commitment periods of three month and longer have more profund and deeper effects, and usually result in changes reaching far bejond initally set goals and dreams.

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