Coaching Programs

“I have my choice: who can wish for more?”
~~ Samuel Richardson

I offer Individual Coaching, Sexuality Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Whole Life Coaching. Each program is focused around the particular topic, however there can be an overlap of the topics as one life situation can effect many areas in our lives. In order to achieve the best results we might have to explore many situations, and discover how one area effects the other and how we can maximize healing across the life situations.

Individual Coaching focuses on becoming the best one can be, and what the person can do to heal, grow and continue to evolve. This helps to uncover limiting beliefs, the fears that hold the person back, and create awareness of behavioral patterns that no longer serve their purpose. With tools and techniques the person can develop new habits and learn how to apply this knowledge to life situations as they emerge for continuous self development. This is helpful for clients who feel that there is something missing in their life and they are no longer willing to live unfulfilled lives.

Sexuality Coaching focuses on helping the individual become comfortable with ones sexuality and how to embrace their uniqueness in intimate and erotic interactions. It helps the client to interject the pleasure and enjoyment in life, and discover the obstacles that have prevented the free flow of creative and sexual energy we all crave. This is helpful for clients looking to bring the vitality and excitement back into their erotic life.

Relationship Coaching focuses on developing healthy and rewarding relationships, and replacing negative beliefs and patterns with ones creating positive experiences. This is helpful for clients struggling with interpersonal interactions, dating, or maintaining a relationship.

Whole Life Coaching focuses on finding the balance in all of the areas in ones life, changing what is no longer serving, and developing helpful habits and patterns to bring forth the desires one has for their life. This program is especially helpful for finding balance after turbulent life event and letting go of traumatic or limiting experiences.

I also offer Exploration/ Problem Solving sessions for the times just one or two sessions are needed for brainstorming without the expectation of deeper and longer lasting change. We can explore an opportunity or get clarity on a particular decision, issue or goal with which you feel stuck. Scheduled by the hour for $120 per hour. Please note that all the sessions must be prepaid.

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