Career Coaching

Why a Career Coach?

People find their way to careers all the time. Why get professional help?

There used to be a time when a person would find or fall into a career and stay with it for life. Not anymore. Many are being displaced involuntarily, while others are no longer willing to do work they find tedious or unbearable.

In addition, there’s a growing drive to self-actualize, to have work that expresses our unique set of gifts, talents and passions. We don’t want to spend 40 or more hours a week doing something that’s deadening to our spirit. Many people fall into job after job, only to wake up 20 years later in a place they never intended to be.

The world of work is more complicated than it used to be. We have more options and choices, which make it more exciting . . . and more confusing. If you’ve been laid off, your outplacement package may not support you in looking beyond your current career. If you’re approaching retirement, you may feel stuck about how to spend your time once you leave your job.

A Career Coach can help you to discover and sort through your options and come up with a career choice that will be fulfilling for you. The synergy of working in partnership with a coach can help you uncover buried passions and discover new ones, and then shape them into a career or business.

The career process I work with – the Life Purpose Process© – is a whole-person approach that honors your uniqueness. Rather than taking computerized assessment tests, I’ll take you through a self-exploration process using worksheets and discussion questions. You’ll learn more about yourself and discover things that might never come up on standardized tests, and you’ll learn skills that will help you guide your own career path over the coming decades, as you grow and change.

But It’s Expensive!

Yes, it may seem that way. But what is it costing you to not do it?

Career Coaching is an investment in your future. Many people feel they should be able to figure out their own career path, but often your own limited thinking, along with doubts and fears that we all have, gets in your way. By working with a trained coach, the process moves more quickly and opens up new possibilities that you might not think of yourself.

So, whether you want to explore new career options by choice or necessity, make a wise investment in yourself and your future by exploring Career Coaching!

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