About Me

I was born Estonia while it was still under Soviet Occupation. As I child experienced oppression, military rule, death and fear, but I always felt there was freedom and hope, and I just needed to find it somehow. This longing embarked me to my studies of human behavior, spirituality and cultural differences at a very young age. I was fortunate to experience the Singing Revolution and to take part in the activities that helped to free Estonia from the Soviet occupation. This was also quite an intense period in my life, and I was exposed to both the fragility and the persistence of human life.

During the revolution the doors opened to small businesses in Estonia and I became an entrepreneur. I had many areas of businesses I was involved in and these undertakings allowed me to experience the world and different cultures first hand. These same endeavors eventually brought me to U.S.  Here I somehow got whirl winded into corporate world, raising my family, the daily grind, and the “supposed-to “s, and I lost touch with my passion for learning and my spirituality.

It was my second run-in with cancer when I found out that no matter what accomplishments I had under my belt or the possession I had, all of it is meaningless if my soul is unfulfilled and my spirit is lost. The cancer the blessing that reminded me of my true self, and I returned to my studies of human behavior, spirituality, cultures and self-development in order to recapture what I believed was missing from my life.

During these studies I realized that my true calling is helping people to live their life to their fullest potential and beyond. I also realized that I had been helping the people I had encountered on my path for many years without knowing, and that somehow these people had searched me out for my advice and wisdom. As I was getting deeper into my studies and closer to my core being, it emerged that the coaching has been my calling all along, and all my studies have pointed me to coaching.

I enrolled to International Coaching Academy and learned the skills to better convey to my clients the breakthrough changes they were desiring. My studies have continued to fine-tune my coaching skills, to learn new techniques to bring about profound changes, and to allow me to grow as my clients do.

I truly believe that we all have the ability to do great things, but from my own experience I have learned that it is not always easy to do, and even less so on our own. Sometimes we all need a little help. To be the change catalyst to my clients, I usually meet over-the-phone, but if you are in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro area, we can arrange in-person coaching sessions.

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